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Online Directories

Use the directories below to navigate through the numerous services available to District residents. Find important phone numbers, agency addresses and contact information, online forms, online services and feedback directories.

District Government Directories


Agency Directory

Find agency contact information and office hours.

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Telephone Directory

Find important hotlines and phone numbers to government services and information.

Search for telephone numbers »

Service Directory

Residents, visitors, and businesses can use DC.Gov's online services to perform tasks that formerly required a visit or phone call to a local office.

Find city services »

Online Forms Directory

Avoid mail delays and time-consuming trips to District agencies and featured organizations by completing forms online.

Submit forms online »

Searchable Databases

DC government agencies and featured organizations update their databases frequently to provide users with the most current information available.

Search for real property, DC Municipal Regulations and more »


Send feedback to agencies, agency directors and the Mayor about your customer experience with the government. Also submit comments to the District's webmaster.

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Explore and subscribe to hundreds of District data feeds at

Data Feeds

Search through hundreds of public data feeds from crime information to contract awards and permit information.

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